Iñigo San Millán training model

I sometimes think I’d actually he faster if I did a bit less but I just like riding my bike (s)

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Exactly my “problem”

not retired and kids … but a flexible work schedule, home office and grand parents in town :grin:

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Crazy hours…

Last 12 months i have managed to ride little over 530 hours and over half of that is indoors. Not sure how much i could increase the hours. Indoor training is mentally challenging…

When I’m not riding my bikes I’m maintaining them.

Sounds like he’d like our Pensioner Pace rides

This is the thing about cycling, it has a lot of longevity…if you can stay away from accidents. I’m glad I found it, sadly I had to give up soccer because of injuries + Covid. H

1330? Here is my training distribution over last 365 days - with a total of 304+ hours cycling:

the other 1000 hours? I gave to the office!


Anyone here use the control solutions before taking La samples? I have both the high and low solutions, but I’m not sure how often you need to use them before testing.

My analyzer does not require a control solution.

I’m not sure mine does either. I have a new Lactate Plus. They sell solutions, but I’m not clear if I need to use them.

I do. If its a spot test just for me will check the meter with the low solution. If I’m running a test for friends or a long test on myself I’ll run both the high and the low.

I calibrate my SRm power meters regularly with a known hanging mass and always zero them out before each ride also.


Cool. Thx.

Just learned today that McNulty is coached by ISM, too.

Almost identical to Pog, same base period/pre-season training:


What % his FTP you think 300 watts is?. Thanks

@hdas His FTP is likely around 410. Lots of mins at around 275-285W. Basically .65-.70 IF.


Thanks, can we say that his working X minutes at his 0.65 IF is “equivalent” to the work of an amateur cyclist with a 250 w FTP ?

@hdas I’m not willing to go that far :grinning::man_shrugging::grinning:. But it’s a good question.