Indoor / Outdoor workout query [Resolved ✅]


When I checked a couple of days ago, Geiger which is one of my goto workouts had a different outdoor version which had 8min duration intervals.

I’m just adding it to my calendar again now and see that the outdoor version has changed and is now a straight replica of Geiger and is even called Geiger and is 12min intervals as is Geiger. Is this an error?

They’re adding more outside workouts. Guessing this it the reason:


Thanks HansHenrik.

When I asked the forum previously about the inside rides being 12min intervals and the outside being 8min intervals I was told that it was because most people cannot find a stretch of road suitable for a 12min sweetspot interval. So I just thought it strange that it now showed 12mins for the outside rides.

I was also doubtful as both the inside and outside ride is called “Geiger” whereas all other outdside rides have a different name to the indoor one.


Hey George!

We are adding in some 1 to 1 outside equivalent for workouts that can be completed outside as is. We are building these workouts out now starting with Training Plans :+1:.

After all, the best way to preserve the original intention of the workout is by minimizing the changes you make :smile:.

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Update: After a big push from the team, all workouts except FTP tests and race simulation workouts (like Blue for example, pictured below) now have 1:1 outside workout equivalents!

I’ll go ahead and mark this as ‘resolved’, but let us know if you see anything thats amiss when switching a workout to outside. Thanks for the patience, all!