Dunderberg -2 outside workout interval length incorrect

Just a warning to anyone that might have this workout coming up in their plan scheduled for outside, the 4th and 5th intervals (when pushed to Garmin at least) are 14 minutes instead of 11. You could just press the lap button at 11m but if you’re anything like me you’ll push through whilst cursing at coach Chad instead.

So, thanks @chad for the all time PR’s from 13m to 89m and the big confidence boost with sustaining ~FTP for 60m+ but I really hope this isn’t a recurring theme for the rest of 40k TT Specialty.

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Its a rule of thumb that when you ride outdoors you need to ride more…
TR might be doing that for you.

Thanks for letting us know! When this workout was being manually translated, it looks like the wrong interval duration was entered, leading to an inconsistency between the indoor and outdoor versions. This should not be the case now that we have one-to-one relationships for all non-endurance outside workouts, and I have reached out to our support team to resolve this issue :+1:

Sorry for the inconvenience (and the additional suffering), but congrats on the PR’s nonetheless! :joy:

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