Indoor and outdoor power meter wattage differences and TR plan chaos

I recently bought a stages power meter and after riding it and looking at the data I have noticed there is ~a 40 watt difference between indoor trainer (Wahoo snap) and Stages, with Stages showing ~ 40 watts higher.

I conduct spin down and calibrate the stages power meter as appropriate.

My concern is that when I ride outdoors, the difference between the power meters is creating chaos with my training plan as TSS and IF scores are not correlated.

Any ideas on how I can accommodate the differences into my training plan?

If you use PowerMatch, you can use your Stages power readings both indoors and outdoors to remove any discrepancy:


Yip use power match but you’ll probably still find to some degree that inside and outside power are different. Most folks outside FTP is a bit higher as they benefit from air cooling. I actually find that my inside power is usually higher as I can switch off and go into the zone without having to worry about crashing etc.

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