The Wahoo or Stages

I am new to TrainerRoad and have a few questions. I’ve read TR explanation of ERG mode and watch a few videos on it, too, and wanted to know the following.

  1. Is it better to let the Wahoo Snap control cadence and power or the Stages power meter?
  2. If one method is better than the other, why?
  3. What should I expect using either method (i.e. anything to watch out for etc.)?

Update: Just an FYI. Currently, I have both the Wahoo and Stages PM linked to the TR, but I have the Stages PM set to control power and cadence (at least I think so) and the Wahoo doing whatever it supposed to do in this situation. After reading some of these posts, I got thinking is my setup correct as it seems many are using the trainer to control power and cadence? Hence my questions. I just want to make sure my data is as accurate as possible, but more importantly, I want to ensure my workouts are true.


Just pick one and use it consistently.

However, if you’re using the Stages outside too then use it on the trainer with Powermatch. That way your indoor and outdoor readings are also consistent with each other


Thanks for the feedback. Is there some sort of setting in TR I have to make for Powermatch?

I think Powermatch is normally set to “auto” meaning that if you have your power meter and trainer both connected to your phone/tablet/pc then it will automatically use the power meter as the power source. But you should be able to double check this by going in to the device settings in the TR app

See this screenshot that I pinched from another thread

Thanks for the visual description. I will go back and review those settings to be sure, but I do believe it’s set properly if that’s the default setting because I see the matching power readings on the Wahoo Element while riding.

Again, thanks…Al

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All settings are good. I am in the Powermatch setting mode, so I should be good.

Thanks for the feedback

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