Different Power Meters - outdoor vs Indoor

Interested to know how people deal with different power metres and adaptive training. I have an indoor bike with a single sided power metre and dumb trainer that I have used with TR for years and works well. My outside bike is a different set up (cant use it on the dumb trainer). What I am finding with adaptive training is that my outdoor workouts push up my progression levels but when to I come to replicating those level indoors - i struggle. Obviously sticking to just indoor would be the answer but i love TR outdoors as it keeps me honest and focussed. Not sure it really matters… I just adjust the indoor level down… but can get lazy and adjust too much… anyone else have this issue or is it a first world problem of owning too many bikes…

How different are they, and what’s your outdoor setup?

Ever come up with a solution? Just figured out that my SB20 reads about 4% lower than my assiomas. @300 watts this is coming pretty close to the difference between sweet spot and threshold.

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Why not use your Assioma’s on your Stages SB20 with PowerMatch? That’s what I do

Because then I would have to swap pedals for outdoor rides. Nobody got time for that

Ryan Turk

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As far as I’m aware there isn’t a great solution to this in TR at this point.

I have three power sources - P1 pedals, a Power2Max, and my kickr core.

At my FTP they read approximately as follows: P1 pedals + 15 watts = Power2Max. Power2Max + 7 watts = kickr core

Whenever I switch the bike I’m training or riding my FTP changes. In most cases this issue would be resolved by using an indoor and outdoor FTP value as I usually ride the P1s in powermatch indoors and P2M outdoors.

Thus, for me, the indoor/outdoor FTP settings that intervals.icu has implemented covers 95% of my riding. An ideal solution would automatically calculate the power offset (or, more simply, let me set it) for different power sources between the different power sources so that the system would automatically account for which setup was being used on a given day

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What works for me, and appreciate you can’t replicate this as easily but my Garmin pedals read about 5% lower than my kickr. I’ve dual measured during a ramp test to see wht my ftp would be based on both pedals and trainer and then when outside adjust intensity of workout to reflect “difference” in ftp.
I would try perform an 8 or 20 min ftp test outside if you can to get a measure of ftp with outdoor equipment.

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Clearly I have time. It takes 30 seconds! It was one of the major selling points of pedal based power meter for me.


Good suggestion… will do a 20 minute outdoors and adjust