Individualising FTP training by Phenotype

I would be interested to hear peoples opinion on altering the type of FTP training session, because of an athletes Phenotype.
I have an example of 4 athletes (2 “allrounders” and 2 TTer’s). For this example, the goal is just improving FTP, 10 weeks into a 16 week program.
Today all athletes did 3x 10 mins at 106% FTP.
Results: Allrounder athletes faded in the efforts by about 15-20%. TTer’s had no fade.
Assuming all athletes have the same pacing ability, same freshness, FTP’s are correct.
Would you give the: Allrounder, more 10 min efforts, to extend the ability to hold the power or shorter 5 min efforts (similar to WKO5, Max aerobic, iLevels).
And with the TTer’s give more 10 min efforts or shorter 5 min efforts.
Essentially, would an Allrounder, athlete get more benefit from training their “forte” (being better at achieving short, intense interval) or working on a “weakness” (like sustain efforts). And in reverse would a TTer responded better further improving sustained efforts or challenging high power to move their FTP…???

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Depends on their goals. If the goal is to get better at TTs, then they should work on weakness.

Depends how much time they have left before event. If event is 2 months away, maybe focus on sustained efforts. if it is 8 months way, lift the FTP and then focus on TTE as the event gets closer.

You’re basically saying that you want to train according to your PDC or in TR terms your specific PLs. Which as we all know is how it works.

Phenotypes don’t really exist. Your “phenotype” is simply a sum of your specific training in the past. Most programs assign your phenotype simply by your mmp curve. If you have crap endurance you’ll most likely be pegged as a sprinter. Doesn’t mean you can’t become an all rounder or TTer with training.
Want to be a sprinter, you do sprint training. Want to be a TTer, then you work on TT. Performance levels and chosen plan should gear you towards where you want to be correctly as opposed to shoehorning you into one specific thing

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I think it makes the most sense to not worry about genetic potential (what I think you mean by phenotype) and train toward the goals they have.

Really, their test results right now might say nothing about their true ‘phenotype’, it just reflects the training they have done so far. For example, athletes who are focusing on TTing have probably done more long efforts near threshold so they can better sustain FTP for longer, and are more mentally prepared for doing those efforts. So it’s circular, is that their real potential or does their testing reflect where their real ‘talent’ lies?

Unless you’re dealing with elite level athletes who have trained for many years to optimize all their energy systems, you may not be able to see their real genetic potential. It might be someone who thinks they are a TTer have the potential to develop huge 1-minute power with more training in that domain. That said, if they want to excel at TTing, just let them train to that goal and don’t worry about inherent ‘ability’.