Indexing gears on the Turbo Trainer

Any tips for indexing on the turbo? Even with the lowest resistance, I can hardly turn the pedals with my hands and I’d like to avoid hopping on and off the bike many times to do it. Thanks forumites.

Assuming you are on a typical wheel-off trainer (Kickr, Hammer, etc.), the best thin to do is get on while wearing g regular shoes, spin up the flywheel to a relatively fast speed. Then hop off quickly and hand spin the crank while doing the typical derailleur adjustment.

Some trainers make this easier if you unplug them from external power.

Additionally, you can consider loading an app like TR, loading a workout in Resistance mode and drop that to 0% Resistance setting.

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Thanks Chad! I have an H3 so that trick to spin the flywheel up should work a treat.

Ps - As a small note, I don’t seem to be able to drop the resistence to anything low enough to turn easily by hand. But no matter, the other tip will do it I reckon. Thanks again.

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For the H3, make sure to unplug the power unit. When it is plugged in, even if you don’t have a controlling app connected, the trainer will act and apply resistance like a fluid resistance power curve. That is a feature they call “headless” use and it’s nice if you want a simple “dumb trainer” function.

So, if you yank the power, the spin-up will work AMAZING here since the H3 has the best flywheel in the biz.

Again, great tips. Thank you Chad. Really appreciate the help.

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