Increasing workout level of workouts to stretch and breakthrough

I have completed TB LV 1 and 2. During TB LV2 I started to change the workouts to stretch and breakthrough difficulties. Several times increasing by 2 or 3 in difficulty and was able to complete the workouts. I failed on some breakthroughs and the next day I was able to complete an easier stretch workout. My workout levels have increased to tempo 5, Endurance 5.4, , SS 7.8 , , VO2 max 3.3. I have only done one threshold workout so that is 1.3.

My question is-
Do I benefit from increasing the workout levels and increasing my ramp rate?
Am I setting myself up for burnout or failure?
Will the increase workout level allow me to improve my fitness and ftp at a faster rate?

Thanks, for your help.

TBLV isn’t too much stress, so not massively surprising that you nailed it. Sounds like you could handle a bit more volume.

What are your training goals?

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My goal is a return to masters cyclocross racing in October 2022. At 56 years old my goal is the top 25% of the pack. More importantly I want to 10-15 matches I can burn to make it fun.
Also I have a 13 year old and a 10 year old, I want to be able to ride with them on trail rides.

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Also I am adding a 45 minute VO2 max ride at the end of each week, so that increases time and TSS. I try to add 20 minutes of tempo/endurance onto easier rides to increase volume.
Thanks for your help d.

So you’ve almost a year to work towards your goal.

I would be focusing on developing aerobic capacity as much as possible for the next couple of months, whilst also lifting weights (particularly important for Masters athletes). Also, I would consider keeping a little intensity in the mix (some z5/6 sessions), but not every week.

Regarding progression, with z2, I’m off the opinion that it’s better to increase the length of sessions than the power. So if you’re doing 90min at 200W, go for 120min at 200W instead of aiming for 90min at 220W.

Thanks d I really appreciate it!
Weight lifting being
back squats, deadlifts, bench press, barbell row, pulls/chin ups, military press
as Coach Chad says here?

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Not a bad place to start!