Increasing intensity during recovery

I just finished with week 5 of Sweet Spot Mid Volume Base… I’m extremely new to cycling so I’m making gains much more quickly than the plan is designed. With that in mind, after a super easy week 2, I bumped up the intensity after a rest day if the previous few training days felt too manageable. Long story short, I just completed the bulk of week 5 at 104% prescribed intensity. That’s despite the fact that I’ve gotten only a few hours of sleep over the last 3 nights! I work shift work and was on overnights, so it wasn’t really ideal but I also didn’t have a choice.

To the point…
I’m questioning wether I should continue with my own added intensity progression. I suppose there are 3 options:

  1. Continue the progression and up my recovery week to 105%
  2. Leave the intensity at 104% (same as week 5)
  3. Back it down to 100% and really give myself a super easy week!

I only have 2 more overnights then I’ll be able to rest appropriately for my recovery week and subsequent ramp test…

Thanks for any help/advise!

Just trying to push this to the top… thanks again for any guidance!

104% or 105% won’t make any odds, especially during the recovery week. You can also leave it at 100%. The recovery week workouts are all endurance zone, so will feel easy from a power point of view anyway.

You’ll very likely get an ftp bump, but keep in mind that the workout intensity will also increase from here on.

I’d leave the Recovery Week ‘as is’ and come into your Test nice and fresh. That’ll help ensure you get the most from the next training block :+1:

You might find that you don’t need a full weeks recovery but, I’d recommend you take it this time and then you’ve got something solid evaluate come the next rest week.

Thanks for the responses! I’ve been loving the program and the gains (though not totally validated yet) I’ve been making!

My first time ever clipping in was only 2 months ago… So, like I said, I’m super new to cycling. I have already done two ramp tests though. One at the very beginning (213) and one 3 weeks later after doing weeks 3 through 5 of SSLV Base… seemed like a good way to get a taste TrainerRoad and cycling in general during the free trial month. The second ramp test resulted in 251 (18% increase) with only 18 days between tests. I absolutely love all the data that is generated with cycling as I’m kinda a math/statistics nerd! It’s a lofty goal, but I’m hoping the next ramp test will get me to 300 FTP! I’m leaning toward making it a super easy week and dropping things down to 100% intensity. It’ll be hard to make myself not over do it though… hahaha!