High Fatigue after recovery week + rest week

Just finished half of the Short Power Build medium volume block. After the half-way recovery week I decided to switch back to SweetSpot base training as it better aligns with my goals currently. I also took 1 whole week off the bike after the recovery week due to a busy/stressful work week. I am jumping back into base training with high volume as I previously completed the sweet spot training medium volume. Skipped the ramp test since I wasn’t feeling “right” and attempted to do the first workout at my previously tested current FTP.

The workout was Geiger, and I felt swamped with fatigue about 3/4’s of the way through the first interval. My heart rate was in the 170’s which I would expect to see at threshold, not sweet spot. The second interval started up, and I had to drop the intensity significantly after a few minutes. I basically completed the remainder of the workout in endurance/recovery zones feeling fatigued as can be.

I did get my temperature taken today, and I was 97f which is normal, but I think I may still be sick? Not sure what is up but my body does feel the same level of fatigue today, and I am worried about the workout I plan to do soon.

Any thoughts or advice?

It’s frustrating, that even after your recovery week and full on rest week you’d still feel fatigued, I know the feeling all too well. All I can tell you is what you don’t want to hear, just keep resting until you feel up for it. Pushing through a workout, even “just Z2” when you’re fighting something off, already sick, or just built up fatigue from training - it won’t serve you well. You’ll only go backwards even further.

When you’re ready to come back, sub in endurance riding zone before going right back into SS intervals too. Of course, standard advice like seeing a Dr, if this is a long term thing. The only thing that works for me is just a break from the bike. Good luck!


I wouldn’t read into it yet. Give it another 1-2 workouts and reassess.

Sometimes the first ride or two back (especially to structure) after recovery weeks or two weeks of easy rides are the worst. HR through the roof, RPE super high. This is why when you taper you should keep some intensity in there, because too much rest can make you feel terrible.

This is assuming you haven’t dug yourself into some super deep overtraining hole and actually need more rest.


1 week off the bike during a build phase is too long of a break in my opinion so I am not surprised that your fitness went down and you had to reduce the workout intensity. Stress is stress regardless of it being through training or from other aspects of life. I would recommend you to ease in. Switch to the low volume for a week. I don’t know how many times/week do you get on the bike, but try getting on the bike for just 3 times per week only for 1 week before you start to ramp up your volume.

I took a week off after finishing my specialty phase (Century LV) and didn’t loose any of my fitness except my top end anaerobic.