% increase would not stop

I was doing West Vidette the other night and I wanted to increase the Watts for the last 10 minutes, but when I pushed the ‘100%’ + to increase above 100% it’s like the button was stuck and the percentage continued to go up and up and up until it hit 999%.

The button was not struck on my computer and anytime I clicked the - button it would hold it in place, but not lower it. Has anyone else had this happen?

image image

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Yes! Happened to me doing Dans last week. Exact same issue. I had to switch into resistance mode.

Yea, that’s what I had to do. It was frustrating.

I haven’t had it happen since but honestly I’ve haven’t adjusted intensity. I’ll have to do a test tomorrow.

1798 watts!



That was my target number at 999% :man_facepalming:

@Tezz @614irondad

Would you mind reporting this bug to our Support Team at support@trainerroad.com? We definitely want to get eyes on this and try to reproduce it as soon as possible.

Please include information such as:

  • Application version number
  • Device you are using
  • Trainer you are using
  • ANT+ or Bluetooth
  • Links to any ride affected by this problem

Thanks in advance!


Done and sent

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Just sent.
Thanks Bryce

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