Incorrect data fields in Calendar

I’ve just noticed that in my calendar this week’s summary on the right of the page contains odd or wrong data.

It should read: Hours 3:15/3:15 but actually reads: Hours: 3:15/1:58. There are similar errors for the other three summary values. The figure on the left is correct but that on the right is wrong in every case.

The only thing that has been changed from the plan as added to the calendar is that I moved tomorrow’s workout to today due to other commitments.

Washington +4 isn’t marked as ‘planned’, so you’ve done that workout as ‘extra’ - hence the larger ‘actual’ number on the RHS.

As to why that’s the case, that’s a mystery as it looks like the right workout from the plan…

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Ah! That makes sense, there were two instances of it in my calendar for some reason so I must have deleted the wrong one.

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I think if you’ve moved it at some point, then deleted your plan and started again it won’t realise that the moved workout shouldn’t be there so that might be it. I can’t see a way of marking a workout as ‘planned’ after the fact, so the figures will have to stay wrong I think.

My question is, who does Washington +4 as an extra? I did it yesterday and it killed me :slight_smile:

@bazcurtis It wasn’t an extra, it’s a scheduled workout in Sustained Power Build Low Volume.

@alexgold123 - The plan’s been in place for a couple of months with workouts on my usual days of Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I’ve moved other workouts around - I moved Fish -2 from today to yesterday for example but I’d not touched Washington. Weird.

kudos to you. I never got near doing it 100%. 95% for number 3 and 90% for the last two!

I’d done the Ramp Test on Monday and got a 12W increase so wasn’t looking forward to it. Fish-2 is harder :dizzy_face: didn’t quite manage the power on the last interval in that.