In the drops or not?

Hi TR fans,

What’s the take on training sessions in the drops.

For the past few sessions, I’ve tried to do them all in the drops. Not easy but I figure this will help when I’m on the road in windy conditions or just trying to be more aero for some extra speed.

It’s a good idea to train in that position if that’s how you’re going to ride on the road.


For me, personally, I am never in the drops except when I’m pushing hard (like a race) or this morning when I am fighting the wind (cross wind) and the position is more stable. I have zero problems pushing the same power in either position, and actually feel that the drops feel natural in a race.

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The drops should be used for cornering and descending. A more aerodynamic position is “aero hoods” position. It gets upper arms narrow and forearms invisible to the wind. I train in aero hoods position all the time. I don’t train to put out power in the drops.

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Yes, I switch between the drops and what you say as aero hoods. I grab the tops of the hoods and rest my forearms on the bar. I am not yet able to keep this position for more than 15 or 20 minutes so I go to the drops to get some “rest”. I see some people just rest their forearms directly on the bar tops… eeks… I dont have the confidence to do that, yet. Maybe I’ll have to check my bike fit. I just got the SQLab TT saddle and that’s quite helpful.

Sounds like you’re far ahead of where I was when I started using that position. First few weeks it was tricep torture. Now can hold that position for 3+ hrs (not super comfortably just yet, but an hour is no problem).

I wouldn’t bother going to the virtual aero bar (VAB) position. The aero hoods position with hoods turns inwards is probably within 5-10 W while under 30mph, and offers far better bike control, and for me, better power output ability.

I only move to VAB when over 30mph air speed and when planning to stay that way for a while, but not supertuck. So, pretty rare.

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