In search of a tandem pilot

I am a legally blind rider in search of a tandem pilot. I was the cyclist Nate had talked about before about teaming up for the Paralympics. With Nate’s concussion he is going to be sitting out for a bit and I was hoping a could find someone who would want to team up for some road / TT events(30k). I’m pretty new to the tandem thing, but I am open to learning it with someone or if you have experience that even better. About me im 37, 195lbs and have ftp around 320. Hoping to lose a few more kg’s and get back down to 170’s and get my ftp in 330s this year. Please let me know if your interested.

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What state do you live in?
I would be interested.

Ohh yeah that matter. I live in cincinnati Ohio. 1st major race is Huntsville AL in April

I am in columbus, ohio
Im the same size as you, played football in college and also raced all over as a Cat 2.