Training over fall/winter for huge gains for short course Tri and fall 2022 70.3

Hey guys. I just got back into tris this year due to Covid causing me to slow down and get back to working out and being able to drop 40 pounds. I did 4 sprints this year and placed top 3 in one and first in my last for age group. I averaged 22.2 mph for a flat 15 miler for 3rd place and 21.9 for a rolling (mostly false flat and rolling) for the 1st place AG. I’m pretty happy with my progress but would really like to push out a 25 mph avg for sprints and hold 21 to 22 for the 56 Miles for a 70.3 next fall. Last I recall my FTP is 226.

I ride a Trek Speed Concept with HED Jet+ 6/9 on GP 5000 tires. I am on butyl but will switch to latex next year. I’m also considering getting a rear disc but not sure how much I’d gain going from the 90 to disc. I also may just get a cover for the 90. I’m happy with the bike and wheel combo and not looking to upgrade the bike. I also have the Aerohead helmet. I do think I could go a little lower in the front, but that will be something I’ll figure out later this fall.

What should I be looking to do program wise for these increases? I need to get better at longer slower for 80% thing, but admit I struggle with comprehending all of the ideas out there. I want to get faster, more effecient and maintain a good run off the bike.

So, what ideas do you all suggest for helping me reach my goals?
Idely I’d like to do 3 or 4 sprints from May to September and maybe close with an October 70.3 (Maybe NC in Wrightsville or Waterman’s Half in MD).


Have you joined TR and looked at the tri and road plans? I think the answer may lie there.

Yes I am a member. Haven’t looked at the plans as I’m really trying to do 2 things that may not be too commonly focused on by others here. Looking for some guidance about what others have successfully done

With plenty of time before May, I would be tempted to do some Traditional Base for at least few weeks to build the aerobic engine. Particularly while you can still do some longer weekend rides outside while the weather is OK.