In house components industry effect

Hello All,

I was discussing this with some friends on the weekend and wondering what others may think.

It seems a lot of larger bike brands are moving towards mostly in-house components on their bikes. Example being my giant tcr has giant brand wheels, tires, stem, bar, saddle and seatpost. Trek, Cannondale, specialized, Scott, canyon, all seem to be doing this as well. In the past this was only done with entry levels models but now even the $10000 bikes have in house parts.

This must be having a negative effect on component makers like fsa, ritchey, Easton and dozens more.

Will we see less variety in the industry in years to come and more dominance from mega-brands?

I’d imagine most of these parts are made by FSA, Easton etc anyway just with different logos on them. Most bike companies are just buying bits in from different far eastern OEM factories, they don’t actually make anything themselves, just do the r&d.