Imported sessions not impacting on training levels

Does anyone know why any training imported from either outside or on other training systems dont impact on the training status bars.

The only workouts that currently impact TR Progression Levels are the indoor or outdoor workouts actually performed by and connected to planned TR workouts.

Any other cycling data imported other than those 2 use cases above are ignored in the current state. That is what is planned to change once they release “Workout Levels Version 2.0”.

For reference, here is the related info on TR Outside Workouts:


Thanks for the response. Im having issues with connection failures and often need to rewrite the TRsessions in zwift.

Have you contacted TrainerRoad support about those issues?

Depending on your current implementation, using the “outside workout” approach TR defines, and linking the planned workout to the Zwift one imported can be a successful workaround. Z can be an alternate path vs pure outside as TR intends, but I know it works since I have done it.