IM Hamburg 5 months training - insane?

Hi I was planning to compete in IM Hamburg the 21. June. I got sick for a few weeks and on Saturday I thought I got a torn ligament. I had the IM already out of my mind but now it seems I can walk normally tomorrow I have an appointment at the doctor.

IF I could start training next week how insane or risky is it to compete in Ironman. I started training last year with always now cardio background and did my first triathlon on 01.09.2019 the Half Ironman in Zell am See in 5:55 hours.

Thing is I have a lot time at the moment which will chance next year and the only IM this year which I could compete besides Hamburg is Vichy but I am extremely sensitive on heat :frowning:

My profile is public so if you are interested you can look my training up.