Ideas for TR improvements

Having used a number of other systems in the passed, both in labs, outdoors, on watches, bike computers etc. A few ideas to help TR go from great to amazing.

  • add a ‘quick resistance’ to add or drop 5% 10%. Sometimes I’m too goosed to see let alone work a computer or phone properly.
  • show the estimated TSS so that the rider can get to the expected TSS. To many times I hit just 1 below.
  • change colour of the HR or power number to show the zone you are in. Otherwise why do we use zones?
  • maybe have a bike selector tool to chose whether you did TT or road. This can help with reasoning for lower/higher wattage in intervals.
  • when uploading races or hard rides, is there an algorithm that can be implemented to show potential power left in the tank after each hard effort. Like a ‘matches burned’ meter (over 125% FTP for 3mins). Xert used to have something where it showed how much max power you had left after each burst of effort. Can help with post race analysis.

Cheers boys. Great work on both app and podcast. 5 stars for all things TR


Hi Grant,

I’ve passed along your ideas to our team, but wanted to address the things you mentioned:

  1. While we don’t have a quick shortcut for 5-10%, we have intensity buttons in all our apps to raise and lower the workout intensity on the fly.
  2. I’m unclear on what you mean by estimated TSS? The expected TSS of a workout is how much would be accomplished if you hit every target perfectly, but we understand that’s tough to do and just being in the ballpark of the target figure is great.
  3. This is an interesting idea, though I can’t be sure we’ll implement this. Over time, we’ve moved away from using HR data and zones to power as a measure of training. However, we know a lot of our users want to track HR data which is why we’ve kept recording it and displaying zones in the post-ride analysis.
  4. I can see a need for this, as a lot of our users have a different FTP between their TT and road bike. Having a way to track which bike a workout was done on could be helpful.
  5. I can’t speak to what we might do in this area, but rest assured we’re doing a lot to reinvent post ride analysis tools!

Thanks so much for the feedback and suggestions!


@larry I get it. Power is the best metric I agree…But seeing cardiac drift for VO2 work pushing 90% would get me to push or stay on top of the gear a little longer I’m guessing. I mean I can go back and calculate it but, damn that would be a cool feature! For example, if the total interval time for the workout is 30 minutes and you spend 33% of your time at or above 90% MHR (specific to VO2max work)=bitchin!!! Just typing out loud.

Already suggested 1. But with preset values assigned to buttons next to the percentage display. Going to one, two or three user settable resistance values with just a single tap/click to take you out of erg mode would be extremely useful when hitting high watt intervals. Ramping it up manually just isn’t doable. By the time you’ve got it right it’s time to get back to erg mode and you end up messing up the interval.

Yeah, I’d love a 1 click option to drop 5% or 10% of the resistance. Especially when it’s the last interval and the legs blow out.

Hi. Cheers for the response.
I will counter your comments below:

  1. I see and use the resistance intensity buttons, but a quick 1 click option (similar to the new extended cool down tabs) would be great when the legs and mind are tired.
  2. What I mean is, show a live TSS counter to show the TSS number go up as the ride takes place. So say a ride is worth 85 TSS, the rider can watch the TSS counter creep up and up and up to eventually reach the rise estimated TSS.
  3. Ok so perhaps ignore the HR. But, using power as a main metric, it would be nice to see the current power wattage number change colour for the rider to easily recognise which zone they are in. Eg zone 1 = light blue, 2= blue, 3= yellow, 4= orange, 5= red.
    4 & 5 you answered well and would be ace to see that come to fruition.


I’m going to add a new idea or adding an early cool down option.

Example happened to me once when my wife reminded me that we had to leave for a party which I thought was at 4pm which infact was at 3pm. This made me cut my 90min session short to just 60mins. Safe to say I was furious that I couldn’t finish the ride and had a really crappy day from then on :sob:

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This already exists on the mobile apps. Just swipe.



Ah, I see what you mean, thanks for clarifying! I’ll add those comments to what I’ve sent along. For point #2, if you use TR on a mobile app you can swipe the middle of the screen over (where the zoomed-in interval display is) and few the total TSS for the ride in the top left corner of that area, along with a lot more data about your interval.

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Ok. Is this possible on desktop? I’m on a Mac?

I like these ideas. Especially the color coded watt and hr idea for zones. Sometimes I want to lower the wattage of a specific SS workout but don’t want to drop so low that I’m in the endurance zone. Having colors would make it easier to soften the workload but not soften it soo low that you drop out of the target workout zone.

I’ll add one.

Point of View Mountain Bike Video Rides. I’d love to be able to use a mountain bike and Kicker Climb that raises the lowers the watts/climb according to the terrain. I would imagine it would be pretty cool with road riding as well.

Unfortunately not. Sorry.

Actually, to contradict what @themagicspanner said, it is possible on desktop!
You have to make sure you pause the workout, then you can click forward on the workout graph and move the yellow time indicator forward to where you’d like to start up again. I do this a lot when I don’t have time for the last interval in a workout and just want to skip forward to the cooldown.

Are you even talking about the same thing? Your description appears to be about skipping forward in a workout.


And at least record L/R power for the dual-sided PM customers. Don’t have to report (but you should), but please pass it along to TrainingPeaks or other sync software.

Hey Mike,

Sorry, I got confused with the few different topics we’re discussing here. I thought Grant had asked if skipping forward in a workout was possible on Mac, but I now realize he’s talking about the TSS tracking and other additional data. You’re absolutely right, that’s unfortunately not in our Mac app at the moment. That said, we’re in the process of revamping all of our apps and hope to make the experience seamless across all platforms - which means the functionality in all of our offerings should be the same. Keep an eye out for more updates on that.

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I like your ideas. I also have some:

a rating system for workouts: after every workout you can rate the workout difficulty (say from 1-10); then aggregate ratings for the same workout and make this an attribute that shows up in the description. or maybe you can even sort and filter workouts by difficulty.
an idea box or a thread where users collect ideas for improvement (or is there such a thing?)


Would be cool to have a smack talk option for harder workouts. :grin: