Feature Request: Display HR TSS alongside regular (power) TSS

I know that HR TSS is now live for rides with HR but without power. I would like to see if for ALL rides so I could compare the data.

I’m coming at this from a cyclocross mindset. TSS and NP are usually terrible metrics for my efforts in a CX race, given all the running and coasting. I’ll often finish lung busting 60 minute races with the same TSS as if I had just completed Pettit. It would be cool to have the additional HR TSS metric to get another angle on the effort I put out.

I think this would be applicable for any effort that includes a lot of coasting/pumping/etc. XC racing, Enduro, etc, in addition to cyclocross.


Agreed! Intervals.icu does this (it’s hiding under the heart rate data for an activity that has power) and I use it a lot, for CX and MTB rides.

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Thanks for the tip. My race today is a perfect example of why we need this feature. 60 minute cross race. Power TSS was 50, HRTSS was 91. Cross is so weird.


Passing this request along to the team! Thanks all!