I’m in a funk! and not sure what to do

I’m in a funk! I did a ramp test the Saturday before New Years and my FTP went up 20# was on trainer for the rest of the week and felt fine! Then on New Year’s Day a week later I went for a pretty aggressive MTB ride follow by an off day. Now here comes the funk, I’ve failed the last 2 workouts👎 My thoughts are not enough rest from a real ride or I should have stayed at my old FTP?

Give yourself some more rest. If you still can’t finish workouts, reduce your FTP.


Are you adequately fueling? Maybe you’re energy stores are low and need some bringing up? Do you fuel during the workouts?

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Yes I usually fuel before and during. I originally thought the same, being that I trained the whole week at the higher FTP and was fine. I usually do 70-90g of carbs on the trainer and at least that plus more that day I rode.

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Hmmm, that seems adequate.

In general how do you feel? Any aches? Are you able to monitor your HR while sleeping? How is that number? Do you check heart rate variability, what is that number doing with respect to the previous week?

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I feel fine. That’s what made me think the ramp test might have been a fluke! I do not check HR during sleep…

how aggressive, in terms of time and .IF. What are you used to, and how hard was it in comparison to your normal? Really hard races/events can take upwards of a week for some folks. Maybe longer. One person I know went 2 weeks.

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@iamholland Time wise not much little over an hour. DH/Enduro runs, the climb is a little less than 500ft ±12% 2500 total

Rest up, take some Caffeine and nail the work out

Back on track

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Easy one today! “Carter” I needed that! Hopefully spun the funk out…

Where are you in your training plan, how old are you and how much experience do you have with structured training?

In the past I used to follow the TR plans, I’d have no issues completing SSB, then when I’d move to Build things would start to come undone and it wasn’t pretty. Ultimately I got a coach and training improved. It was too much intensity for a 38-40 year old me. I didn’t realize how fatigued I was and would stay on target no matter what. Then in Build I could no longer use motivation to complete the workouts.

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Surfing the high from an FTP bump followed by a stoke filled day on the mtb? Your brain forgot to tell you you’re fatigued. Never happens to me. Kinda like finishing that last DH run and the idea of climbing up to do it again doesn’t sound so bad, until you do it.

I wouldn’t call this a funk unless it impedes your progress for more than a week. A couple of failed workouts, not a big deal. Learn from it and recognize what you can handle and how to time your training loads.


I’m 37 and fairly new to TR. I was about a month into to base before I saw a video mentioning that it was a good idea to add a “fake” event if you didn’t already have a real one. So being winter were I am I picked a date around when the season should start. Once I did this I was prompted to a Ramp test followed by a rescheduled calendar. With the raise in FTP I did the next week without any problems until I was lucky enough to get out for a real ride! That’s where my troubles started.

Thanks that makes me feel better about it! I literally thought there was something wrong with my trainer my legs just stopped 3/4 through a workout.

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Whats the big picture from the entire year. Maybe a week off might help…if you’ve been going strong all year without a break now’s a good time. I’m struggling with this now…just had a pretty marginal ramp test yesterday but have not taken over a 2 day break in over 6 months…Now all my buddies are zwifting and putting in some impressive numbers and i feel compelled to keep up, but like you i’ve "failed " a few workouts and have been getting dropped in group rides and zwift.
Taking a full week off will help ya in the long run.

Yeah I thought I might have been doing too much! But now based on everyone’s comments and some research I really think it was a combination of a few things. The raise in FTP, the real ride I did, and the the workouts that followed. Even though I took a day off after the ride the next workout was a over/under followed by “Eclipse” which put me at basically my old FTP for three 20 min intervals!!

I had “Carter” scheduled in my calendar today which was nice but back to a real one tomorrow so fingers crossed I make it happen

Thanks everyone all the input it really helped!! I ended up adjusting my FTP so it was only +10 it made a world of difference!