Thoughts on Buying Used Smart Trainer

I currently have a Tacx Flow and am going to be upgrading to a direct drive trainer soon. I’ve been going back and forth on buying new or second hand.

With all of the issues there seems to be with smart trainers, does it make more sense to buy new so there is warranty replacement for a year? Does anyone have experience being able to get warranty replacements when they’ve bought second hand?

I’ve tried doing some searches and haven’t found much info on this subject.

Thanks as always!

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I bought my H1 used last fall. been perfect for me. I think the amount of issue is over blown as you don’t have droves of people that have had flawless experiences posting about it all over the internet.

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I’d say that it depends on which used trainer you buy. Some model years have been horrible. Find one that has been good.

The biggest problem IMO with these high end trainers is the short warranties, lack of spare parts, and non-existent exploded parts diagrams. Personally, for my next trainer I’m thinking of a dumber trainer solution plus my power meter for the smarts.

If you buy used, try it before you take it home.

It’s something I have considered often just to try and reduce the amount of noise.

I also get put off by the amount of things that seem to go wrong with really expensive bits of kit.

So i’m sticking to virtual power for the moment.

If I was going to spend it would be on a power meter first. Then a smart trainer.

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