Hylix Seatpost for Comfort

Hi All,

In an effort to placate my lower back discomfort on a Caad10, I came across the hylix seatposts.

The lower back issue is absent on my Supersix, which has identical set up to the Caad10. I put 28mm tires, and it has helped some, but wonder if the hylix seatposts are worth the trouble. I’ve seen some on ebay, and they seem very lightweight, which is positive but not a priority.

If someone has them on the bike, please chime in.



Recovered weight weenie here. I don’t think a seat post being even uber light is going to solve any physical problems you have. It will be marginally more flexible, but honestly don’t think it’ll make a difference.

Darimo will be the lightest available FWIW, although more expensive than Hylix. My 25 mm, 27.2 came in at 60g

I installed the Canyon leafspring seatpost on my Scott Addict, which helped with ride comfort.