Dropper post on CX bike?

On episode 207, @Nate_Pearson mentioned using a dropper post on a road bike. With the new Shimano GRX series, they have a left shifter that can control a dropper post if using 1x. This got me thinking about using a dropper for my CX bike. Any thoughts? Would I get any benefit? And could this possibly work for a road bike also?

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It could work on any bike setup with a 1x drivetrain. The options will vary because seat post size for many road bikes is 27.2mm, and the number of droppers in that size (and the amount of drop itself) are relative few/small.

Besides that, some bikes have the option for stealth cable routing, that attaches at the bottom of the seat post, and therefore needs a hole in the frame for the cable enter. Others do not have those holes, and will need a non-stealth seat post.

The “benefit” will vary from rider to rider and application to application. You have to consider if and when you have found your saddle at normal height to be an issue. As most mountain bikes now use droppers, there are good reasons for them. The ability to move around, hop, descend, corner are all improved with the seat moved down even as small as 20mm [1"]. More drop than that adds even more ability to get around over the bike.

Nate commented that dropping the seat lead to more confident cornering when using his dropper on road descents and corners. It allows the hips and overall center of mass for the body to drop lower. It can also lead to a similar aero profile as something like the “super tuck” without the related danger of that position.

Overall, a dropper will open the capabilities for more dynamic use of the bike in a wide range of uses. The cost is the additional weight (and cost). Dropper remotes can also be added to the bars while keeping the front shifter for 2x use.

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how much seatpost do you currently have showing? That may limit if a dropper would even work if your CX bike has a pretty horizontal top tube to aid in shouldering

I would totally do it, but I ride a Trek with a seat mast. If/when I get a CX bike with a normal seat tube I will definitely consider it.

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how much seatpost do you currently have showing?

I’d have to measure but from looking at a picture on my phone, I’d say around 110-120mm.