Hunt Wheels - H_Care Lifetime Crash Replacement

Sorry if this has been posted previously but just wanted to reach out and see if anyone has had previous experience with Hunt Wheels H_Care? I’m buying a wheelset and H_Care is an optional extra. Is it worth it?

Thanks in advance!

Depends…are you going to crash? :slight_smile:

Scribe wheels include crash replacement for free IIRC.

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Your money but feels like the insurance Argos try and sell you when buying a toaster. Does anyone really take that cover out?!

If you manage to total an alloy wheel, chances are you’ll be hoping you have insurance on the bike.

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Giving this a read might help you decide

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All tubeless wheels can suffer from this problem if the tape fails and the rim suddenly gets pressurised. On Weightweenies there is a picture of a set of Enve’s that had the exact same issue. Rims should have a pressure relief hole or something like the Enve pressure relief valve nut. On my wheels I have both.

Re Hunt Life time care, my only experience has been on my Hunt gravel wheels. The RD hit a rock and snapped in half, dropping in the spokes. Hunt very quickly sent me out the bits needed to repair the wheel. Clearly not a wheel replacement but I was happy with the speed of response. They also offered to cover all of the wheel rebuilding costs if I produced a receipt, I didn’t bother doing that.

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