“Affordable” carbon disc wheels with crash replacement?

I’ve been looking at wheels to upgrade my Allez Sprint. The two options that I’m considering so far are the Hunt 4454 Aerodynamicist and the Zipp 303s. On paper the Hunts are deeper, wider, lighter, and a bit cheaper than the Zipps, while the Zipps have a better warranty (everything vs just crash replacement for the Hunts). I was also looking at the Enve foundations but seem a little expensive for what you get. Any options that I’m missing?

I have Hunt 50mm on my Allez Sprint. They’ve been great but the hubs are LOUDDDDD AS HELLLLLLL

You might also consider some Roval or Princeton wheels. For me the Hunt value was unbeatable for my Allez which might see a crash or 2.

Enve are expensive but seems like you do get a better warranty, they are made in the USA, and resale is likely better.

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Just bought Campagnolo Shamals to use them as a substitute in a windy days for Rovals 64s (wich are unridable then).

I’m so suprised how great they are…

Light Bicycle offers full warranty on their Falcon Pro lineup.

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The sound of my Hunt wheels parts walkers and joggers on shared paths like Moses and the Red Sea.

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I’ve just picked up a set of the new Aeolus 51 TLRs. Wide, light and well made. Similar sort of price point as the other wheels you’ve mentioned.

Haven’t used them yet so can’t report back on how they ride / feel etc.

I was looking into these but based off the website its just a manufacturer warranty and not crash replacement

These are interesting will have to take a look

I’m happy with my Enve Foundation 65s.

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Not bad if you don’t mind the 2+ month wait. I ordered a basic build on 10/21 and they apparently just shipped yesterday!!


Yes, and it will take 3-4 weeks to get here. Similar experience I had with some wheels I ordered in the spring.

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