HRM connected but HR stuck

When I was doing a workout yesterday the HR was stuck at 84 for the entire workout,
I tried disconnecting/reconnecting HRM using bluetooth and Ant and in the Devices screen the HR was working fine.
Any ideas? it had been working fine - I’ll do a reboot and see if it goes away but I didn’t want to do that and lose half a workout!

When this happens to me, it’s almost aways a sign that it’s time for a battery change. Sometimes I can make it come back by popping the unit off the strap, but it will eventually freeze again, so I change the battery. If that doesn’t work, I buy a replacement.


Yea, I’ve had that happen a few times. A couple of things has fixed it for me in the past; replace the battery in the strap, close TR on my ipad, reboot my ipad, and restart TR.

Sometimes the HRM is just dead. I make them last only about 18-24 months…

No, I don’t think it’s the battery as it was reporting the correct HR in the devices tab.
HRM is also reporting 69% battery life ( it’s less than 3 weeks old)


I solved a similar problem that kept happened over multiple devices by switching from Wahoo to Polar.


I had this when I first got my HRM strap. My problem was similar to @maletero I closed all the apps I had on various devices, shut down devices I wasn’t using, then started again with just my phone and that got it working.

When its happened to me (a stuck HR) its either a new battery or the strap failing.

My last Tickr started having this issue. I tried the “reset”, cleaning all the contacts, making sure I was moistening the sensors pre-ride. It started working for a few months then completely died. Check this article if you haven’t yet:

Had this happen last week. Rinsed the strap thoroughly and it worked the next day. Battery was fine. Very frustrating when it happens tho (Polar H10)

You’re getting good troubleshooting advice from the HR strap failure perspective, but while this is categorized as a ‘TR Software’ issue and ‘bug’, I should advise that the Forum isn’t the best place to ‘get to the bottom of’ an issue that may be TR software related.
Its super device/version specific, support knows best and is the quickest to provide up-to-date info (and in this instance, the action items to help). :sunglasses:

From the ‘Welcome to the TrainerRoad Forum’ Page:
Have a question about the app, your training plan, or device? Reach out to instead of posting here. Our support team has the best visibility and insight into your devices, workouts and adaptations, and will help get you the most efficient and effective answer to your question.

The tickr HRM is one of the worst Ive ever used. After my 3rd warranty replacement, I went back to Polar and havnt looked back since. Its nothing fancy…its the Toyota Camry of straps. The thing just works!

I genuinely dont know a single tickr owner that hasnt had some type of interaction with wahoo’s warranty dept. The contacts corrode from sweat and it goes downhill pretty quickly. A pretty big oversight for a device intended to be used when youre sweating… Even wiping it down with a towel afterwards wont get it completely dry and clean. You can try sanding them with really fine sandpaper and put a dab of dielectric grease or any oil youre ok with getting on your skin if you wanna give it a try.

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Mine started giving me iffy readings a month or so after it was new. I sprayed some GT85 in the connector studs, that brought it back to life and touch wood a year and a half later its still going strong.

Thanks all - restart of the TR software fixed it.

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