HR is not visible - iphone


i just installed my setup and the wahoo cadence as well as the wahoo speed are visible under devices in seconds but my HR-Belt is not :frowning: I can see it under my iphone bluetooth settings and in the NRC (nike run club) app but not in Trainerroad. To make it work in NRC I had to add NRC in the health app but there is no trainerroad.

any advice?


Is your HR-Belt Bluetooth? Sounds like maybe its Ant+ only which would require an Ant+ adapter. Can you link your HR-Belt so we can take a look?

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Disconnect and swipe away all third party apps connecting to you HR. Only have TR connected to your HR device.


it is defently bluetooth and I use it under NikeRunClub App and can see it under my bluethooth iphone settings

it does not help - I also restarted my phone

If you see the HR in your Bluetooth settings then your phone is still connected to your HR strap. Nothing other than TR can be connected to your HR. Also, make sure your HR battery is 40% or more.

I’ve had this happen from time to time. Only have TR open and cycle your phone off/on a time or two; it’ll show up. Also, make sure your straps are tight enough and moisten the pads that pick up the heart signal on the strap.

Same, and I also sometimes have to play the game of taking the battery out of the HR strap, wait 5 seconds and then reinstall the same battery, wet the strap and for some reason TR then picks it up.

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Which brand of HR belt?


I had this struggles with different apps but here it is not working.

Problem is that i can not disconnect it in the bluethooth settings :smiley: it is working with every device but here it is not possible

it is a cheap Tschibo belt

I ordered a BerryKing now I will see if it works. But 3 devices: speed,cadence,HR via bluethooth is no problem?

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I used the BerryKing on my iPhone for a few sessions now and I do not have any problems. It shows up immediately but if I want to connect it to the iPhone itself and use it in the health app it is not working. I guess that I am in the wrong forum for this but maybe there is somebody with the same issue :smiley: