How will TrainerRoad work for me?

I’ve been thinking about using TrainerRoad for a few months but I’m unsure how well it will work for my schedule. I have a strange work schedule where I can have anywhere from 2-7 days to train per week. Sometimes my schedule can change on short notice. Currently on a good week I am getting 10 hours on the trainer… on a bad week maybe 2. Obviously consistency is a problem. I’m training for 3- 4hour mountain bike races as well as maybe a Fondo thrown in on the road.

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It can work for you for sure. There are many in here that have odd work schedules and still see big improvements. Plus, the community is always here to help you adjust your training schedule if you have doubts. Just start out with a low volume plan and then add workouts or outside rides as you have more time if you can handle the extra training load. Send me a PM and I’ll give you a free month of TrainerRoad to give it a go. Now start training!:wink:


I love how welcoming this forum is!! As @MI-XC said, you can have an irregular training schedule and still see gains from using TR. Additionally, our Calendar has built-in flexibility to allow you to change your training schedule on a week by week or even daily basis. Take a look at this Help Center article to give you an idea of the tools you’ll have available to you when needing to adjust your training schedule:

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Previously I’d have said it would have been a struggle…however the new calender is so good and easy to plan and move stuff around then I’d certainly say go for it!

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Most plans have two critical Interval workouts a week. Hit those regularly, do the other stuff when time allows, and you’ll likely still see solid gains.

Hi - and welcome! It will definitely work for your schedule. And I have some recommendations – or at least anecdotes for you…

I fee like I am the captain of ‘Team Irregular Schedule’ – and it has worked well for me. I’ve been using the software and the training plans for 6 months and have seen a ~30 watt increase in my FTP (270–>300) just using low volume and supplementing here and there.

I also crowdsource feedback from the forum on idiosyncrasies of my training schedule, and it’s helped point me in the right direction.

As a point of reference, I’m 44 and had been riding seriously for 5 years, and racing for 2 1/2 years before joining TR. I was stuck in a 1+ year rut of an FTP that was within plus/minus 3 watts of 265, and I couldn’t get out of it. Now I’m at 299 as of yesterday, and 3.77 w/Kg.

Due to work, I am generally able to train 4 days on / 3 days off, because I travel extensively. Also, some week, I am gone from Sunday - Friday, and not able to train at all. Other weeks, like this week – I’m able to train everyday – and I use the calendar to sort all this out.

As a point of reference, what I’ve been doing for the 4-on/3-off work is mostly trying to follow a low volume plan, but I use the following cadence.

Day 1: Vo2
Day 2: Endurance
Day 3: Sweet spot or Threshold
Day 4: Sweetspot

So – if you have 10 hours to train, for instance – you might follow a mid-volume plan and extend some workouts, or plus them up. On weeks you have 2 hours to train . . . if the days are consecutive . . . I would do Vo2–> SweetSpot. If you have a break between days, I would do Vo2 twice since your legs will have time to recover and you’ll want to maximize intensity on those weeks (in my un-scientific opinion).

More than anything, TR will give you a place from which to start – and from there you can work in your own trial-and-error and find what works for you. That is the beauty of the calendar and the programs.

But take it from a guy with a really irregular schedule and who was stuck in a frustrating plateau for a year – this program produces results if you’re will to put in the work to whatever volume time allows, and learn and adjust.

Good luck!