How to watch UCI Gravel Worlds in U.S

Anyone know for sure how to watch the UCI gravel worlds in the States?
Best I can tell it is going to be broadcast on FloSports but when I go to my app it isn’t listed as an upcoming event.

Appreciate any help in advance. Thanks!

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On the GCN News show yesterday, they said they are hoping to show it on GCN+. But it isn’t confirmed yet. Sounds like still negotiations going on.


It was on Flo last year, but yea not seeing it on there yet. Hoping there will be a way to watch it.

Worth noting that if gcn gets the rights you’ll almost certainly need a vpn to watch in the USA


Yep, I live in “Ireland” on big race weekends! :blush:


GCN is now showing the Men’s race (or 1.5 hours worth) on their schedule (territory restrictions may apply). I don’t see anything about the women’s race, but maybe that will be added.

I also noticed that the UCI livestreamed a bit for both races last year on Youtube. I don’t know if they’ll do that again this year.

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I don’t get it. They have rights for live coverage on GCN+, but they can’t stream it on GCN+? What the hell is the difference?

GCN negotiate the rights to stream it, and the other side negotiate a geographical limitation. Probably because the other side believes they will generate more money.

Technically gcn has the rights in certain countries and not in others. Broadcast rights are acquired for certain countries. In this case they’ve secured the rights for some, but not all, of them

This applies to sports, tv, movies, whatever. It’s why something might be available on Netflix in the USA but not the uk.

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Yeah, it’s the UCI (or event organiser/promotor) that stuffs us.

UCI for example does a deal with a TV company or something else for all “World Championship” events, or ASO does TdF but not their other events.

The thing that really frustrates me, is they can sign over events that the local company won’t actually broadcast and yet it’s still not available on the worldwide platform.

I’m very much looking forward to GCN+ getting all the rights.

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Well this is pretty shitty. The UCI have broadcast setup for the mens race but not the women.

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