How to use indoor racing

With the complete loss of outdoor events, how can indoor racing be used as B/C events. It seems trainer road has a “don’t talk about other platforms”. But I bet 90% of TR users race on Zwift what would be a good way to integrate this into training schedule?

Come on TR you need to address the esports world or risk bring irrelevant.

No they don’t ‘risk being irrelevant’.

Maybe search for the Zwift threads and read those first. There is clearly no ‘don’t talk about other platforms’ rule.


Try a search on ‘zwift’ and do some reading. Lots of angles already covered in depth from tactics, training plans to cheating and more.

And there are also threads on RGT Cycling, Sufferfest and others. This site is not locked down to TR discussion only.

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Thanks. I will look