How to train for hill climbing competition

I was wondering what type of training I will need to do it will be coming up in 2 months it’s 2km long at average of 8%

Lots of VO2max work it’s a 5-10min effort so I’d be doing 2xVO2 per week - 1 of 3min efforts like variations of Spencer and 1 of really high power one minute reps like Bashful or Bird - that’s 2x1 hour session - add in as much zone 2 as you have time for.


Find a hill. Ride up it. Repeat.


There are a couple of threads already on the subject which might interest you…

I too am starting to look ahead to Hill Climbing season with a series of events targets in October. I have been thinking about picking up this plan referenced in one of the threads above:

But plan or not plan, its pretty clear this is going to be VO2Max focused work to be in the best possible shape for the event…

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