How to taper after Training Camp

I just finished an 8 day training camp with friends in Spain, where we completed 8 days of hill climbing and relatively intense rides. I achieved 27hrs of riding with a total TSSof 1548 which is very high for me. I was in “red light status” for almost the entire week, and I was happy with what I achieved, however, im completely exhausted and on my way back home.

I’m looking for suggestions on what to do for the next couple of weeks, as I have my first of the year A race in 2 weeks. I need some taper, but don’t want to get off the bike completely. I’m on the mid volume plan, right now TR is telling me to do Vo2Max, threshold and Sweet Spot training sessions this week. However, I feel like I should be tapering back down as my fatigue level feels really high.

Any suggestions on how to cope, following this intense week of training camp?

Maybe stating the obvious, but doing a week like that 2 weeks prior to an “a” race isn’t ideal if you wanted to maximize performance. But that sounds like an awesome week, so I’m not questioning your priorities. Best advice I can give is listen to your body and do very easy spins until you feel normal again, then into a taper. Taper should be a significant reduction in volume, but keep intensity. So yes to vo2max intervals, just not as many.


See the section titled “How Do You Taper Before a Cycle Race?” - although I think reading the whole page is probably worth it.