Having Issues Starting A Workout

I did 3 weeks of the most basic plan before having to return my trainer. Used the new training plan feature and basically started from scratch. I did the ramp test again Tuesday. Trying to do my next workout which I did a few weeks ago when I started and when I click on it in the calendar there is no way to start it. What is the deal? Also had an icon on my desktop and since I got a message about a software update it disappeared. I now have to go on trainer road site manually. Very strange.

Get in touch with TrainerRoad support. They can help you get it figured out.

I was able to start my workout on my android app but not my laptop. Not too pleased with all of the changes. Very confusing with starting, stopping 3 weeks in due to trainer issues, being off for a month and using plan builder to start again. Waiting for customer service to help me through this.

The little icon you were referring to is the shortcut allowing you to launch the TR application, which is the only way to open a workout. While you can view your planned workouts on trainerroad.com, you are not able to start a workout from there. For that, you need the application.

It sounds like your shortcut is no longer where it used to be, but that doesn’t mean that the app isn’t on your computer, it just means it’s a little harder to find.

If you are on a Windows, go to the Cortana search bar and type “TrainerRoad” and see if the application pops up.

If it does show up, right-click and select “Pin to Taskbar” and your icon will show up in the list of apps at the bottom of your screen.

If it does not show up, go ahead and re-download the app here: https://www.trainerroad.com/download

If you are on a Mac, you will follow the same procedure except you will search for “TrainerRoad” in Finder.

For further help, our Support Team is always there, I just figured I’d throw a suggestion out if it helps you get back to training a little faster :+1:

I hope this helps!

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Thanks. I did that and it was there. When I click on it though I get the following message: "The item ‘TrainerRoad.exe’ that this shortcut refers to has been changed or moved, so this shortcut will no longer work properly. Do you want to delete this short cut? Yes No. Not sure what happened to get this message but I don’t know what to do from here.

Go ahead and delete the shortcut and go through the process of re-downloading the applciation.

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How? When I go online it brings me to the calendar where I can’t do anything. When I log out I get back to the trainerroad site. I can’t see anything related to downloading the app without signing up again even though I am on auto pay and already exist there.

Never mind. I figured out I had to go to the “How it works” tab on top and find my way to the download feature. Man they make it a bit difficult to navigate lol.

I’m glad to hear you sorted it out @jsbikerdoc! If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support Team at support@trainerroad.com :+1:

Connect with TrainerRoad support. They can assist you with getting it made sense of.