How to speed up after crash recovery

I had a big crash yesterday. Nothing is broken and it was in XCO race so no road rash but i landend on my head and sholder so I have a lot of pain in my neck and and sholder blade and also my whole body is sore.

Is there any way how to speed up recovery? I have TENS (Globus 2000) at home and maybe I can try with it?

Any other advice is more then welcome!

I can bearly stand up from the bed and next weeked I have national chemp (yes, I know… not gonna happen…) but anyway I want to speed up the things

If its bad enough you can barely stand up you should see a doc, especially as you landed on your head!

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I went to the hospital right after the crash (Ambulance took me). I did rendgen and CT and nothing was broken but doctors said that I can expect a lot of pain.

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I’ve crashed many times and have made the mistake of getting back on the bike too soon every time. It takes energy to heal. Just chill for a while is my real world advise.

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Glad to hear it. I’ve only had one crash which has saw me taken in an ambulance and whilst I was released the next day I felt like I could barely walk. A couple of days later though the bruising came out and the recovery was a lot faster after that. The body is a wonderous thing let it do its work and good luck :+1: