Training after a concussion

Yes I’m typing this as I’m at the ER… Yes I will ask the doctor for permission.

So after being concussed, what was your personal journey coming back to training?
Did you mildly come back or did you just go back to your training plan after few days of rest?

PS racing starts in 3 weeks! :see_no_evil:

Do what your doctor says.

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It takes time mate. 3 month, twice…

Best advice I can tell I wish someone would told me. Don’t rush to get bike on the bike, especially on the first week. It’s not because you feel better that you’re on a linear path to recovery.

And drop the phone, that doesn’t help!


As the parent of an athlete who has suffered through concussions and seen to many of his peers’ sports days cut short in their teens (ski racing and lacrosse) all I can say is no training, no race, no game is worth it. Take the time it needs take it as slow as it needs to heal no matter what.


I blacked out and cracked my head open from a stomach flu (day care) and got one. It lingered way longer than I expected. I recall listening to the body and riding when I felt good and taking it off when I didn’t. This was also winter/trainer time for me, so be careful risking another thump

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I have unfortunately suffered two in the 4 years. First one I couldn’t even watch tv for a couple of days. I was pretty much not doing physical stuff for about a week. Then GTG, but was tentative on the bike for another 3-4 rides.

Second one, I rode two days later, lightly and fully recovered within 5 days.

One thing I learned, is likely those weren’t my first two, between soccer, football, and MTB, my grape has been knocked quite a few times.

On recovery, seriously don’t push it. Listen to the docs, you will be better off in two weeks than if you think you feel legit.

Chill and rest. Cheers.

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Yeah I think I blacked out or fainted then fell off the bike. It was weird cus i was feeling good.

They told me brain rest… No phone, that’s not working out really well so far.

I don’t mind not racing but I don’t wanna miss training for more than a week ha ha ha

Heed the medical advice for sure. Coach @Jonathan will tell you to take your time. See the post Single Track Six podcasts.

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Brain trauma is not something to fuck with. Some doctors aren’t up to date on TBI. In the past few years, I’ve been caught up in a couple bad accidents (concussions) where I still to this date have memory gaps between minutes before the accidents and being evaluated in a hospital ER. Luckily, one of our local USA Cycling Officials is also a TBI specialist and called me after each accident to give me a protocol for the first 48 hours including lots of sleep, no reading, TV, computers, work, alcohol, or exercise. The implications of TBI go well beyond missing training, don’t fuck up your life by pushing too soon.


Every concussion is different so there is no hard and fast answer and I would recommend you get evaluated by a sports doc that specializes in TBI/head trauma (look for someone to tests/baselines local sports teams like football, soccer & even gymnastics). My wife has suffered two concussions. the first was from a roll over vehicle accident and we were pretty green at that time and knew next to nothing. She received all the typical, no phone, computer, tv advice. No one told her not to exercise (she’s a runner) and that likely delayed the healing time to completely get rid of her symptoms (over a year). Last summer she was rear ended and suffered another concussion but this time we were equipped with more info and sought specialists right away. She was tested every few weeks and received vestibular as well as physical therapy with a focus on “returning to sport”. Thankfully it’s about 6 months now and she is doing very well, has been back exercising for a while but is still in treatment.

A very good book on the subject is the Concussion Repair Manual by Dr. Dan Engle.


Yeah I’m being careful with it. Definitely failing in the “brain rest” department… I’m on my phone.

Gonna listen to that single 6 track eps again… Trying not to read too much for now.

@miesemer I have no clue why I fell, it took me like couple hrs to regain most of my memories and be totally conscious again. Just nothing between couple min before I fell and half way through my uber ride. Luckly my friend was there helping me out!

It felt like I had a really long dream and it was trippy. Maybe that’s the body natural DMT kicking in!

@fastk9dad What really worried me is why I blacked out or fainted in the first place… And my sugar level were fine.
Although I had no real collection of what cause the fall, I pretty much can tell that it wasnt because of a bump or potholes. I fell straight backward and cracked the back of my helmet and torn off my winter jacket right on the middle upper part.
Which is really weird if I was conscious I would’ve maneuvered my bike right or left and fell either ways but not straight backward.

Definitely gonna press hard on this while I see my doctor again this week or so.

Do what your doctor says. Mine had me back in the trainer right away.

She had me do no road riding for 6 weeks (if I remember correctly, I did have a concussion…).

She told me that a second head injury while you’re still recovering from a concussion has a 50% mortality rate! :scream:


Very scary @osmondcreative. Similar to my wife’s first accident, she blacked out somehow and woke up upside down. Her sugar was fine and was tested for seizures, all came back clean. It’s still a mystery. Try to find out what happened if you can.

I see you are in NY, I’m not sure where but this is where my wife went for her initial & follow up testing: Then after she was diagnosed with a concussion they referred her to for the rehab therapy,

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IIRC, my wife’s doctor (after second concussion) said an exercise bike (no intensity) or walking was ok, but because she was suffering from dizziness no running, elliptical or anything that has you bobbing up and down. But every case is different so definitely use the advice from a professional.