Bad crash, still in recovery, but always so sleepy - Normal?

Quick question: I had the very bad crash last weekend that ended with me being underneath a large truck and a leg pinned under one of the truck’s wheels, and obviously my bike in splintered pieces. No concussion, no broken bones, but a massive amount of road rash and creative sewing techniques applied to my knee. I have crashed before, but never into a 5000-pound object which then rolled over me,

Road rash and stuff is painful; I get it. But I am absolutely exhausted and so tired I cannot stand up. All the time, I just want to lay down and sleep. With the exception of Ibuprofen, I am taking no medications.

Is this normal to be so freakin’ tired and sleepy after a traumatic shunt?

Sure you don’t have a concussion?



I was administered a concussion protocol three times, and all were negative.

Yup, sure is

Not only is your body diverting loads of energy into repairing itself but also your sleep quality is likely severely impacted by the pain. Every time you roll over you hurt and it likely keeps you from dropping into a truly restful sleep


Given the trauma, both mental and physical, you endured your exhaustion is not surprising. I would follow your body and let it heal at its own pace. I would also look at talking to a therapist to get your head around the accident.

Wishing you a speedy – and eventually sleep-filled – recovery.

Personally…I would say you could have concussion…its very hard to determine unless you see a specialist. Can you see a specialist?

Also your sleep state would be compromised. Your body is healing. I wouldn’t get too worked up, or that wont help you either. From the info you gave us, its normal to be traumatised, body and mental.

Sounds like a post traumatic shock or concussion. Normal I would say. Your body is processing the high level of stress it had to endure. Flushing the level of adrenaline surge you had takes time. The suggestion of talking to a therapist might also be beneficial. You may have several weeks of recovery ahead of you.

Thank you everyone for the replies thus far. I do sincerely appreciate the input. My ‘exhaustion’ continues, and certainly last night I was just in a foul mood in general. I know my weight is skyrocketing, which shouldn’t in any way be a concern – but holy moly, that facet has simply added anger to my overall state. I know better, but I can’t stop fixating on it (and the growing pile of bandages on the bathroom floor)

I got about 5 hours of ‘average’ sleep last night, so we’ll see how things go today.