How to play this with the LBS (refund on trainer)

Ok, so as I’ve posted elsewhere, my Elite developed a fault just before Xmas (horrible noise). A warranty replacement was agreed in the first week of the new year. Long story short - nothing has turned up.

The LBS (from whom I bought it), Elite, and the distributor are all blaming each other, basically, and there has clearly been a mess-up by someone (as a batch of trainers came and went) but I don’t have any timescale for a replacement.

FYI, UK consumer law is pretty clear on this point: if a replacement, repair, or satisfactory substitute cannot be provided in a reasonable timeframe (usually defined as 28 days for non-essential items), then you are entitled to a refund.

I politely mentioned this to them last week, and was greeted with some mutterings about how bad the supply chain was, not their fault, can’t refund on a warranty issue, etc etc, but they promised to chase it again and have news by today at the latest. Nothing.

Now I do realise that the supply chain is snafu’d at the moment, and I am not unsympathetic, but on the other hand, this has now been going on pretty much 7 weeks, and I don’t get any sense of an impending resolution.

If I’d bought from a large chain, I would now be citing the relevant law and demanding a refund. In fact, on another forum there is someone who did exactly this; the large chain initially said no, but capitulated when a solicitor’s letter arrived. However, this LBS is by and large a pretty good one, and I quite like them, so I would rather not go down that route if at all possible. On the other hand, I am £700 out of pocket with no obvious replacement in sight, and they have the money, and no obvious incentive to push the matter.

How do I play this? My gut is to go in tomorrow and say I need a date by the end of the week, and if one can’t be provided, or the date is more than a few weeks away, then I would very much like a refund, and go from there.

Any thoughts or alternative suggestions welcome.

IMO, a very good shop should have attempted to make things right for you by now. If I were the shop I would have offered you a refund, and if you took me up on it I’d try to sell the replacement trainer at a discount once it finally arrived. Basically, make the customer happy and chase down the replacement from Elite myself so that I can recoup my loss.


I’d make a YouTube video and claim that your trainer failed because it was subject to too much threshold work – thanks to TrainerRoad.

If only you’d been on a polarized plan, the trainer would have been fine.



JK. I’d ask for a refund politely, but firmly. As a small business owner myself, I know that politeness goes much further than a raw consumer demand.


It’s clear from your post that you have placed a great deal of value on your relationship with this LBS. Mega kudos for that. However, it seems apparent that this LBS does not place the same value on that relationship as you do. Resolving the matter has simply not been a priority for them. The disagreement between them and the manufacturer should have always remained between them and the manufacturer. IMO, it was wrong for them to make it your problem too. I think you’ve been more than reasonable to date. Giving them to the end of the week to provide you a definitive date of resolution or demanding a refund is more than fair. I would remain polite but firm and persistent. Best of luck.