Tacx Support Sucks - Since Garmin

Is anyone succesfull to reach Tacx support after Garmin invasion? This is just ridiculous.


Nope, in the end I just gave up… On the plus side: that’s how I discovered TrainerRoad :grin:

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I’ve had no issues contacting Tacx support since the acquisition, but i haven’t tried since Tacx suffered that ransomware attack. Perhaps that’s causing the issue? In the past I’ve used email to contact Tacx, with great success.

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I did a couple of support queries and a warranty replacement of a Tacx Flux with the Garmin support crew in North America (US-based support agent, forward ship from the US, return ship to Garmin Canada). They were responsive (usually 24hrs working days by email), and efficient (offered an advance replacement). Having used Tacx Netherlands-based support per-merger in the past, I’d rate the Garmin support as equal or better.

I hear there’s a significant difference I support quality between North America and Europe. Previously, Tacx support was good in Europe, and not great here; apparently it’s now the opposite.

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I’ve been sitting here for 2 weeks trying to decide whether to buy a Kickr or a Neo 2T.

This thread may have just answered that question.

lol. you just have to weigh the odds. :slight_smile:

Wahoo where you almost certainly will need support, but support is more available
Tacx where you most likely won’t need support, but they are hard to reach.

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Not to sure about that … 1 Kicker for 3 years, upgraded becuase better half said she wanted me to get a quiter trainer (kicker mk1), 3 Neo’s in about 6 months, next trainer won’t be a Tacx (although the support was great)

Everyone’s experience is an N = 1, so sure folks will have good experiences and bad, but you can count the Wahoo complaints on this forum in the hundreds. The Tacx complaints are pretty few and far between. I personally had a Neo fail. I emailed Tacx and they replied, but didn’t like the fact that I ordered it from an online seller who wasn’t official with them so didn’t offer to replace it. I started looking around for dealers, which was hard then, probably still hard today, but found one a few hours away who was willing to reach out to a regional sales manager. That sales manager was nice enough to hook me up with a replacement, but I got lucky. So all in all, my Tacx experience was kind of dicey, but overall, I haven’t seen many with the kinds of chronic issues Wahoo has had with their products.