How to Load Zwift or TrainerRoad on a Peloton Bike

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Someone is selling their Peloton locally. This almost makes me want to go for it now!

Read it out of curiosity.

Then thought - how large is the intersect of Peloton bike buyers who are also interested in running TR and/or Zwift on the bike (in a dumb trainer mode to boot) and have pedal-based power meters and are tech-savvy enough to do this type of hack?

Not large, I presume.

Keep in mind the need to add power meter pedals, to include in any cost analysis.


And the need to turn the resistance knob when sprint time comes in a Zwift race.

Not really any different than using a standard (dumb) trainer and the need to shift. It is not as convenient a location, so that might matter more to some than others. This just might be a nice option in the households where one person really wants the Pelo, while the other wants to use a different app and the shared bike is the best option compared to a bike and trainer option.


… and either has the right cleats for the power meter pedals, or is fine with swapping pedals.

Sure, all important details. And to the best of my knowledge, the default Peloton pedals are a Look Keo style pedal to begin with. So assuming someone just bought the system, they’d already be headed towards the same road style pedal setup. It may even be directly compatible with the Vector and Bepro as mentioned (but I am not 100% certain), so a relatively minor detail when compared to the general scale of the P bike cost to start.

My mistake - I thought they were SPDs, but they indeed appear to be Keo-like.

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  1. That’s fantastic. Really impressive.
  2. I’d be too scared to do it in case Peloton pushes out an update that locks down their code and prevents this (typically what happens if stuff like this takes off.)

The Peloton uses Look Delta compatible pedals. I don’t know why but it causes users who ride on SPD-SL, SPD or who use Look Keo cleats for Vector 3s to need another set of shoes…

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