Peloton with power meter pedals vs Zwift Hub One

My current setup is a Peloton Bike+ with power meter pedals. I use my phone for TR, and put a scenic ride on the Peloton. My motivation for using TR now is that I enjoy the structured workouts and am kind of tired of the Peloton pseudo pop psychology motivation and life coaching. I do enjoy the scenic rides rather than staring at the TR screen, I also like how quiet the Peloton is. I don’t have ERG mode with this setup, so I have to manually adjust the resistance with the Peloton resistance knob.

I am considering purchasing a Zwift Hub One to use with TR. I will enjoy the ERG mode, but it will probably be a little louder. Has anyone tried both these (or similar) set ups? Which did you prefer?


We bought a Peloton early on. My wife still uses it 4-5 times a week. It’s dead silent. A trainer will be a lot louder because chain, sprockets, shifts, the bike, and the trainer all make noise. To me, that’s the only downside. Everything else is better with a trainer, and if you get the urge to do a Peloton class, the app is far cheaper than the bike subscription.


I had a Kickr mounted on an Inside Ride platform and now am using a Peloton for all of my TR rides (498 rides as of this morning - so I have some time on it). My Kickr died and I started using the wife’s Peloton until I got a new one. Liked the Peloton enough to just use it for training. Is it good, yes. Is it AS good, no. I miss ERG mode, but not having to mount the bike is nice (we have mild winters so still ride outside regularly). I actually enjoy most of the instructor led classes. Music selection is decent, and I just tune out their cues and ride the TR workout. Peloton is dead silent which is really nice. It works great for me, an over 50 recreational rider training mostly to keep up with my younger friends.

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