How to keep some level of fitness on 7 and 8 day vacations?

In the agenda, delete the suggested workouts, TP will offer maybe higher intensity before your vacation and after your vacation as it pick up de the plan with a higher recovery status. A mid season break can only be good for you…

I travel internationally about once a month for work and face this issue. I use plan builder but then I make lots of changes to make my work/vacation trips my recovery weeks. I also try to run when I can during those trips. I realize you cannot run, but swimming is another great option. I am no swimmer but I always keep some goggles in my luggage all the time, just in case.

I also try to run once a week throughout the year, simply to maintain some low level running fitness. I too have suffered a lot of knee issues but I have only recently managed to keep them under control (IT band issues solved by changing stride).

But the main thing is to accept a vacation as a vacation and embrace the rest and recovery. I say this to myself as I have the 2023 Tour Divide race looming 2+ months away.

You could get power meter pedals and just do the workouts on the hotel bike. I know everyone says you won’t lose fitness. However, if you ask how to improve the most common answer will also be consistency.

I would also agree with the above poster that clearly your CTL will drop. I don’t want to start a debate about whether it is the best metric.

It all depends on the goals, your intensity and your personal priorities. Relax if that is your priority. Train if that’s your priority. Avoid being guilty either way.

I wouldn’t worry about a week. You’ll be fine. I often find that it does me good, and I benefit from the recovery. My problem is I just like exercise. I have a habit of doing too much. I feel and sleep better. When I’m on vacation I usually run, but swimming or lift weights are options I sometimes choose. Usually just a couple days out of the week. When we went to Hawaii I ran every morning at sunrise, but that was just because it was so awesome.

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I’ve done the stairs. If there are multiple stairwells and multiple floors, I’ve done weird patterns up/down, cross, down/up… Where I was, the weather sucked too. The hotel rented ‘bikes’, more like bicycle shaped objects. :man_shrugging:t2: