How To Increase Training Consistency, Racing vs. Training, and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 413

Just think, Pee Wee Herman.

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Maybe Chad went to work for zwift to acquire trainerroad.

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The scrubbing from the site, “not voluntary,” and Nate’s face, tone, and introduction of how “this is going to be a bit of heavy news,” together all signal to me something along the lines of misconduct/disciplinary issue.


Pretty hard news, and tough to be left wondering. I’m not here to speculate, just want to pass along good vibes to everyone at TR.


TR brought this on themselves. Acting like we are all a bunch of good friends, having the time of our life while riding and talking about bikes on the one side and then nates tone with this announcement on the other side.


Oh Amber left the company? I’ve been looking forward to her return to the show. I thought she was just taking longer to return from maternity leave.

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No, she did return from mat leave, did a few podcasts, then disappeared. There was a forum post from her (“A fond farewell” or something) but nothing was mentioned on the podcast.


I do recall hearing her on an episode or two, but I still thought she was on extended leave and would be back :smiley:. Such a shame.

Found the thread you mentioned. Thanks.

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This is her new project:


It would be awesome if Chad became co-host on Amber’s podcast


Ditto to this! :+1:t4:

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While podcasts give the impression of knowing people, ultimately, we don’t. Certainly not enough to jump to conclusions. Whatever happened, I’m sure it’s tough for all parties after all these years. Nate’s certainly had a tough few years.


That really is terrible for all involved, Nate and Chad have worked together for a long time, were friends, Nate even bought Chads house when he moved away, this is probably a friendship/relationship destroying thing, I hope they both end up ok in the end.


I’ve been keeping a close eye on Chads socials, genuinely surprised he hasn’t told his side of the story yet :laughing:

Not matter why the decision was made, this sort of puts the nail in the coffin for the podcast for me. And this isn’t some, “oh I’m mad at TR for this, I’m boycotting the podcast” kind of thing. No, it’s just the podcast really doesn’t have any draw anymore for me. I said it earlier and in other threads; the podcast has really lost its spark. It seems every other episode is a “Hot Takes” episode, which was fun at first, but now just feels like they’re out of ideas or too lazy to research anything so they throw together some tame cycling opinions and call it a day. Just feels like there’s no effort in making a really high quality podcast anymore. Like my favorite TV shows (long long ago when they released weekly), I used to be excited each week for the new podcast episode. Now, I’m episodes behind and some aren’t even finished because I’ve lost interest in that episode or there’s just nothing drawing me to finish it. The episodes with Chad were legitimately the only ones I was listening start to finish. It’s a sad day to hear he’s gone, whatever the reason.


LLC can have multiple share holders but not many. You will see this for Doctor offices

I can see if Chad was one’s favorite character on the “show” and some people losing interest in the podcast thereafter… But we do not know what happened. if something bad happened from a HR perspective and they kept him on b/c he has a fan base - that would not be right. We don’t know the details, so I feel boycott is a little strong here.

It’s a business and they have to make decisions that are the right direction to the business, as well correct by HR policies, and fair if any other employee were in the same situation regardless of status in the company.


That’s why I specifically said it wasn’t a boycott, lol.

While I will miss Chad and wish him well like the rest, for the future of othe podcast I really hope that Sarah or someone else takes over the deep dives. I like various things on the podcast, but the science based discussion is a large part of what drew me in.