Amber's new project: Be a Good Wheel Podcast

I didn’t see that anyone else posted about this, but Amber is starting her own podcast! It’s called “Be a Good Wheel”, and she’s started a Kickstarter to help with the startup funding required for it. If anyone is interested in learning more about the podcast (and maybe chipping in), you can find more here:
(@mcneese.chad if this isn’t allowed, please feel free to delete the post.)


Totally fine to share and link AFAIK.


Glad she’s finally sharing some details on what it will be. Sending positive vibes! :four_leaf_clover:


I’m the best third wheel in any situation


Cool! I look forward to hearing Amber again! Seems right in her wheelhouse.


Woohoo! This is so exciting to see, and I can’t wait to hear more Amber-isms :hugs:


There doesn’t seem to be anything available as yet.

She has sent out some updates to her kickstarter backers that it’s taking longer than expected… no release schedule yet, but she has been working on planning the season.

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Maybe Coach Chad could be her first guest?


Amber and Chad would be the start of a great podcast…


For those keeping track, the podcast released yesterday. Available in your feed and here:


Just listened to the first episode, and I’m definitely looking forward to the series in general. I suppose how good it is will ultimately depend on the quality of the guests.

Listening to Amber though reminded me of how much I enjoyed listening to her on the TrainerRoad pod, and what a big loss it was when she left/stopped presenting.


She has a bunch of really cool interviews already recorded, and scheduled to be released every two weeks. Very much worth following the podcast… and if you’d like to do something really nice for Amber, give the podcast a five-star rating and recommend it to others, please!

Because her goal is to influence as many people as possible over time, she’s also set up a community that’s a paid resource ($100/year IIRC). It’s very small right now, but the people there are really a great group and the interactions have already been very valuable to me. I’m quite happy to have paid the membership fee and am seeing good value from it.

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Great, thanks for the heads up, I’ll give it a listen. I’m curious to see how it slots in with the other cycling-related podcasts.

With the caveat that this is my personal understanding of it…

It’s not primarily cycling-related, though Amber has a ton of contacts and friendships among elite athletes, and most, if not all, of the initial interviews are with athletes.

But the fundamental goal of her entire “Be A Good Wheel” effort (as I understand it) is to foster better character and leadership skills/behavior anywhere in life, so I believe it will blend a lot of sports-related content with other kinds of character/leadership content in the future.


I listened to the first episode; it seems like a lot of time and effort was spent on post-production, mixing in background sounds and such, which, personal opinion, is more of a nice to have but doesn’t add much value in the end. Not my podcast though, looking forward to more content.


First episode is purely an intro and background. I think the second episode will be the first “main” episode.

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People can tell just like they can tell whether one car interior is of higher quality than another by touch and feel. Still, not all people will mind sitting in a car with cheaper feeling interior. But it does come across very clearly that Amber has taken a lot of care with the audio quality. Her experience clearly shows.

Her audio mix is really pleasant, it accentuates her warm podcasting voice. The only thing I’d tweak is tone down s sounds. (That is actually a hard thing to get right. The podcasting partner of a friend of mine has a sharper voice, and she needs a very different mix that suits her personality.)

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I’ve subscribed. She is a hugely impressive individual at all levels.

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Three full episodes are now available, and new ones come out every two weeks. Each guest is more interesting and accomplished than the last, but @ambermalika has really done a stellar job of drawing each into an intimate conversation about their growth, performance, internal dialogue and later leadership.

  1. Summer Sanders (NCAA, US, World, Olympic Champion, television host, and mother of two)

  2. Eliot Jackson (Downhill Mountain Biking legend, entrepreneur, and Red Bull TV analyst)

  3. Katerina Nash (cyclocross icon, mountain bike champion, and five-time Olympian)

Each guest speaks a lot about their journey. Each one adds a different facet to the experience of being a high-level athlete, a team player, a leader, a public performer, and a person under pressure.

Gotta say… I really like Amber, but even if you ignore her participation, the podcast rocks.