How to get out of a mental rut with training

I’m relatively new to training on the whole and as a typical newbie I’ve been very much in sponge mode for the last 6 months or so, absorbing as much knowledge as I can through YouTube videos, podcasts, books etc. Obviously I’ve been really enjoying the TrainerRoad podcast and even taken to getting some of the books Chad has mentioned through discussions in order to further my understanding.
However, I now find myself in a massive mental rut with my training. I have the desire to want to be better and keep improving so that’s not the issue, but when I’m in the actual moment of training I feel deflated and fatigued.
I’m really interested to hear how others manage themselves through a mental rut and any tips or advice you’d be happy to share :blush:

Something I am not good at my self but some times you have to step back/ease off to move forward. Are you building the correct amount of recovery in?

I’m currently training progressively for 3 weeks then having an adaption week before starting the cycle again if that makes sense :blush:

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How do you feel afterwards?

I know when I do a Sustained Power Build or Century plan, I’m absolutely wiped out by the end, on and off the bike, no matter how high my mental motivation is. Every workout is a slog, and I walk around the rest of the day feeling tired and spent. At that point, I need a few days of solid recovery: good food, good sleep, low-intensity activity if any. (I probably also need to manage my recovery in between workouts better but that’s a different story :laughing:)

If you feel like it’s more of a mental block and less about cumulative physical fatigue, can you change your environment/stimulus at all? If you’re usually inside, go outside; if you’re usually staring at TR blue, try Zwift for a bit; try racing, or QOM-hunting. Even try a different kind of training plan, do one of the “enthusiast” maintenance plans for a block. Discipline is all well and good but in my experience, everything gets more fun if you can find something that makes you excited to do the work.

Balance. The pressure of nailing workouts, being in the right head space prior to workouts and generally getting into a state of analysis paralysis can be all consuming.

Mix it up, do some quality sessions, do some fun sessions and see where your balance lies. Progressing a sweet spot, threshold or VO2 session over 5-6 weeks combined with some decent volume will likely get you where you want to be.