How to get distance into Strava in same file as TR workout

Hello, I see some similar threads on this topic and also after doing some google searches, however, I think my question is more simplified. I would like distance to be part of the same strava upload as my TR workout.
I do not have a speed and cadence sensor.
I am not using a smart trainer.
I am using favero power pedals and a dumb trainer.
I do not want to have to use Zwift.
I read that someone may run the wahoo elemnt bolt at the same time, however, even if that was to capture distance it would not be in the same file as the TR workout (it wouldl be a separate entry/upload to strava I believe).
So I am just hoping that there is some way I can have distance included and come over in the same file transfer of my TR workout, over to strava, does anyone know if this is possible?
Thank you.

Buying a speed sensor will be cheapest if you don’t want to zwift/fulgaz, etc. personally I am not fussed with distance as I am technically not going anymore indoors but to each there own.