How to establish fair price for used equipment?

Hi, I wanted to buy a pair of used Roval Clx50 but even if I know the price of the new wheelset, that they are in good condition and have ridden 5000km, how do I establish what a fair price is? Of course it is whatever anyone is willing to pay but do some of you follow any guidelines to establish what a good honest price for used equipment is?
Thanks in advance

For bikes, this is a good start.

For other gear, I often start at 50% of original MSRP (RRP). Then I adjust up or down based on age and condition.

Another resource is reviewing completed sales on Ebay.

In all cases, you must consider the relative price to the area of the sale. Not all stuff will sell at the same price in the same region.

I also consider the fact that people can buy new with a warranty vs spending too much for “used” gear, even if it’s in great shape.


Also checkout PinkBike or if you are in an area with a lot of cyclists then Craigslist might be a good resource for used pricing.

Yes, X2. Hard to beat fleabay if you have an item that sells with any kind of frequency you’ll get a good idea of fair price.

I took a look, there are a lot of recent CLx50 sales so you should get a pretty good idea there.

Good luck!

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