How to do Strength Sprints indoors

Hello, I’m having trouble interpreting how I should be doing strength sprints. I just finished Daughhetee, which was my first workout with strength sprints, and have priceless coming up. The instructions state that there are ‘3x10s Strength Sprints followed by 6 minutes of Tempo’, and that I should start ‘from a near stop’. The power profile however goes from Tempo directly into 10s of high power (no obvious stop), followed by a sharp drop and gradual build before plateauing at Tempo.

Is the spring portion during the 10s of high target power? In which case do I slow to a stop and set my gears before hand?. Or is the 10s of high power giving me time to set the gear, followed by the stop and build back up to the tempo (with the build from very low to tempo being the sprint), although the interval time is then longer than 10s.

I have reviewed the ‘Drills - Efficiency, Strength & Power’ article but there wasn’t any further details given over what was included in the workout details.

I switched into resistance mode for these sprints (TR workout details recommended slope mode - hence the gear changing)

Any advice would be helpful, Thanks!

Sort gears out during tempo, start pushing tempo at a v low cadence, explode from 40rpm?

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I don’t have access to TR anymore so I can’t check the workouts but depending on whether of not they are from recovery/z2 or from tempo/threshold I either switch to resistance mode or decrease cadence 5-10s before the interval to around 60 rpm (I really should but can’t do slower (yet))

Thanks all,

Gearing up and slowing cadence during the tempo in advance of the 10s sprint makes perfect sense. Not sure why I didn’t think of this… too much mindless ERGing this winter :sweat_smile:

TR support suggested similar. I think I was mostly thrown off by the drop in power after the sprint

Happy riding!

Those drops look exactly like my last attempt at doing 30/15s. :smile: