How to connect Favero pedals to BOTH my Garmin and Trainerroad App?

My Favero pedals work fine with either my Garmin 1030 or Trainerroad when I train on my Wahoo Kickr (Favero are set up in the Wahoo App to manage power), but I can only connect to one of these at any given time. For example, when they show up as connected in the Trainerroad App, my Garmin would not find them. If I disconnect the Faveros from Trainerroad, my Garmin immediately connects (but then Trainerroad seems to take the Kickr power data). Would like to use both as monitoring my training through the Garmin gives me additional data points. What am I missing?

Connect to Garmin device over Ant

TrainerRoad app over Bluetooth


That did the trick. Both were on BLE, disconnected the Faveros in the Garmin and re-installed via ANT+… works now. Thx for the help.